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Our research and development department, thanks to its technical knowledge, offers innovative and personal solutions.
Our range of professional products provides a perfect packaging solution for commercial companies as well as large chain stores.
A dedicated team meet your needs for personalized packaging products.
To meet perfectly your expectations, we offer a personal service.

Our company offers an innovative food packaging solution: baking paper roll, stretch film roll food, aluminium foil roll and aluminium food container.

Our products:

  • Our products have a total barrier to light, odors, bacteria and humidity, more they ensure perfect protection of the products.
  • UPC takes into account ethical, environmental, social, legal, regulatory and normative constraints in her daily activities.

Aluminum foil roll for baking and for storing large quantities of food.

Stretch film roll, tear and heat resistant during food transport. Discover more features here

Bi-silicone baking paper roll, reversible and reusable and is useful for all professionals.

Aluminum food tray usable in the oven and available in different shapes and capacities.

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