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Our strengths

Quality and innovation

In order to satisfy its customers, UPC has concentrated all its efforts on the performance and the quality of its services and products. To achieve This :

  • UPC has a quality management system that complies with the ISO 9001 standard.
  • UPC constantly adopts the functioning in its process that can be measurable and continually perfected thanks to the continuous improvement approach.
  • The quality manager is the Customer representative within the company. It ensures the conformity of all the provisions provided, thus enabling a quality of services and delivered products that comply with all requirements, particularly in terms of innovation.
  • UPC obtained ISO certificate , according to the ISO standard’s requirements.

Assiduous management of customers projects

The General Management of UPC, committed to put all human, material and logistical resources to satisfy all the rééquipements. These systems also meets expectations of all stakeholders. The Client is at the head of this list of stakeholders.
Thus, all the needs of our customers are processed in projects mode according to the same rigor and the same approaches including the proficiency of the conception of new products, new packaging, new methods of packaging, and even customized services according to the customers as diversified as the requires the various commercial approaches and market segmentation (Retail Market, Wholesale

Increased production and maintenance

UPC disposes a park of new and well-maintained machines that allow it to both increase its production capacity and diversify its offers to customers.
UPC implemented a Maintenance Management System to ensure the continuity of production machinery operation and the stability of the quality of the manufactured products.

A powerful information system

UPC disposes a highly developed information system that meets all its needs.
The information system contains several complementary applications, including the Sage i7 ERP, the electronic document management solution and the project management solution.

Seamless logistics

UPC’s automative park ensure a developped logistic that allows it to meet all the customer’s excpectations.

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